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My hair journey…colorful edition

If you know me you know that my hair is rarely one color for very long. Which prompts the question “How do you still have hair?” Honestly, I can’t answer that. I acknowledge that I am #blessed to have hair still, and I appreciate whatever higher power is allowing me to keep it. #BlessUp

So, I thought I would share with you some of my faaavorite looks over the years, and give you some insight on what I had to do to get there. Please, let it inspire you to go do something wild so I can live through youuuu with my boring blonde hair.


I am a licensed professional. Please, do not try to do these yourselves, it will not work out. How do I know that you ask? Because half of these did not turn out great right away and I actually have the base knowledge. Also as a further disclaimer, some of these were done in one step. HOWEVER, they totally shouldn’t have been (I’m just really impatient). If your stylist tells you the transformation is going to take multiple sessions…TRUST THEM.

Also. None of these alone damaged my hair, but the process I take should have made me bald. I go from red, to blonde, to brown, to pink, to blonde, to orange, etc…..I make terrible hair decisions.

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March 29, 2018

Meme box Disco Kitten Mask

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Alright, I am leery of purchasing something that is advertised from ‘meme box’, mostly because that really doesn’t sounds like a place I’d want to get my skincare from. I picture a ‘meme box’ a box full of tide pods and distracted boyfriends. However, I saw a photo of disco kitten mask and it really did look like some unicorn blood shit. It was so luminous, shiny and silver. It has to be what Paris Hiltons sweat looks like.

I also really don’t like peel off masks, due to the fact that they really are not that good for you. Sure peel off masks make your skin feel so clean and fresh and you can look at all the stuff it pulled out. Well, that is why it is bad. You should not be ripping shit out of your pores, it is only going to make your pores look larger. Pores are best cleaned through steaming them open and shit like that, not ripping them open.

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January 16, 2018

The Skin Care Item I’d Die Without

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There are a lot of things I skip that I should not: the gym (always), drinking an ass ton of water a day (no thank you), wiping your makeup off before bed after few champagnes (I actually hate forgetting), CLASS. Whatever, you name it and I’ll find a way to NOT do it. That is my go to quote when I have to train someone at work, “you are about to learn the easiest and fastest way to do literally everything.” Consequently I don’t train a lot of people…

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November 1, 2017