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The one thing that has changed my sleeping life, for like…ever.

Ever since I was little I can remember loving the feeling of pressure on me. Not the inside pressure, where I had to decide if I was going to begin my forgery career, or just admit to my teacher my mom did NOT sign my agenda and I would be sitting inside for recess. (I’ll let you choose what one I decided on) What I mean is, like when a friend sits on you in, what I can only assume, an attempt to kill you. They’re screaming at you “DOES THIS HURT??!” and you’re laying there like……ummm…actually it doesn’t and this is great. Same thing as when my cat, on an extremely rare occasion (I’m talking rare like my cousin showers AND brushes his teeth in the same day rare) sits on my chest. Im like, oh my god live here on my chest forever please. It just felt so calming? What an odd thing. Or so I thought.

Turns out….It’s not actually that weird.

It is like an actual thing that helps people. Something about Deep Touch Pressure, and how it can reduce activity in the nervous system, or even go as far as like the pressure, like a hug, releases serotonin and endorphins and other science shit. Nobody ever told me this life changing information. I stumbled upon it when I discovered…*drum roll please*….. Read more…

April 18, 2018

Quick Room Makeover

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There are few things I love more than redoing my room (makeover !!!). I am always changing something, it makes me feel like I control over my life. Yeah, you wanna schedule all my papers to be due on the same day? WELL I just rearranged my toners and moisturizers, so…? I also get sick of things, like real fast. It’s why I dye my hair 10 times in a calendar year. Sometimes you just need something NEW Read more…

November 14, 2017