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2017 gift guide, for EVERYONE in your squad.

Okay so, all your friends are weird.

That’s okay, I have created a gift guide based on different types of friends one might encounter. No more guessing what Brittany, the laziest human on the planet, might want. No more assuming all Susan, the mom of the group, wants is a gift card for a stacked bob haircut. I have gone through and analyzed my own friend group, and friend groups from TV, and curated five perfect categories to help you get your shop on.

1. The hotmess express (choo choo)

You know a few things to be sure in this crazy world. She will be the most excited to go out. She will be the first to cry. She will have to leave the bar 10:30pm. Help her out guys..
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November 28, 2017

Amazon Interesting finds 20 under 20

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Are you an Amazon junkie? Do you get high on the idea that you can get something from the internet in JUST TWO DAYS?! Me too home dog, me too. I really wanted to say “Me too girl” there but I’m trying to be gender inclusive because, you know, there could be dudes here. So I chose home dog on the fly instead. Much like when my friend wanted to call her son a little asshole when he was splashing her in the pool, but you know…you cant, so she spewed out “little weasel” instead. Mom brains are amazing.

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October 9, 2017